Delegate subdomains’ SSL certificates to Adobe delegate-ssl-certificates

Delegating management of your subdomains’ SSL certificates to Adobe is strongly recommended, as Adobe will automatically create the certificate and renew it every year before the certificate expires.

If you are using CNAMEs to set up a subdomain delegation, Adobe will provide certificate records to use into your domain hosting solution to generate your certificate.

SSL certificates’ delegation to Adobe can be performed when setting up a new subdomain or for already delegated subdomains.

Adobe managed SSL is a cost-free feature that is available to users at no charge. Delegating the certificate of a subdomain to Adobe is transparent and has no impact on your campaigns and the deliverability. Learn more on SSL certificates management

Delegate new subdomains’ SSL certificates new

To delegate SSL certificates when setting up a new subdomain, enable the Opt for Adobe managed SSL for sub-domains option of the subdomain configuration wizard. Certificates records to copy into your hosting solution will be provided later on in the configuration wizard. Detailed steps are documented in this section.


Delegate SSL certificates for already delegated subdomains delegated

To delegate SSL certificates for an already delegated subdomain, click the ellipsis button next to the desired subdomain and click Switch to Managed SSL.


A dialog box displays with the certificate records that have been automatically generated by Adobe. Copy these records, either one by one, or by downloading a CSV file, then navigate to your domain hosting solution to generate the matching certificate.

Make sure that all the certificate records have been generated into your domain hosting solution. If everything is configured properly, confirm the records creation then click Submit.