Release Notes 2023 rn-2023

September 2023 september-2023

DMARC & BIMI records management

You can now add DMARC & BIMI records directly from Control Panel:

  • DMARC records provide a way to authenticate the sender's domain and prevent unauthorized use of the domain for malicious purposes. Learn how to add DMARC records
  • BIMI records allow you to display an approved logo next to your emails in mailbox providers' inboxes to enhance brand recognition and trust. Learn how to add BIMI records

June 2023 june-2023

  • You can now delegate the SSL certificates of already delegated subdomains to Adobe directly from the subdomains list. Learn more

  • Alert Emails sender has been changed to "".

May 2023 improvements may-2023

Subdomains’ SSL certificates delegation to Adobe

You can now have your subdomains’ SSL certificates managed by Adobe. If you are using CNAMEs to set up your subdomain, certificates records will be automatically generated and provided in order to generate a certificate into your domain hosting solution.

Note that this capability is only available when setting up a new subdomain. You cannot delegate certificates for existing delegated subdomains. Learn more

Adobe managed SSL is a cost-free feature that is available to users at no charge.

March 2023 march-2023

Subdomain delegation removal for CNAMEs

You can now remove the delegation of subdomains that have been configured using CNAMEs. Learn more

February 2023 february-2023

Delegation removal for subdomains delegated to Adobe

You can now remove the delegation of a subdomain that is fully delegated to Adobe. Learn more

Delegation removal is currently not available for subdomains that have been setup using CNAMEs.

Service calendar

Service calendar now provides a calendar view to keep track of important events occuring on your instances. In addition, information has been added on the notifications sent to users that subscribed to Control Panel alerts. Learn more

January 2023 january-2023

New hybrid hosting model capability

Customers with hybrid hosting model can now add IP addresses to the allow list for access to MID instances. Learn more

Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Enhancement

The City/Locality field is now optional during Certificate Signing Request Generation.