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Key steps to send an email key-steps-to-send-an-email

Once your email has been created and configured, you can send it to the main target. This section presents the main steps to check and confirm the delivery of an email.

  1. Make sure you configured all the settings that are specific to email delivery. For more on this, see Email parameters.

  2. When the email is ready, before sending it to the main target, it is recommended to detect any potential errors by sending proofs. For more on this, see Send a proof.

  3. Once done, you must validate the email by launching the analysis. To do this, click Send, select an action and click Analyze. For more on this, see Launch the analysis.

  4. Once analysis is complete, click Confirm delivery to launch the delivery of messages to the targeted recipients. For more on this, see Confirm delivery.

The whole process to validate a delivery is described in this section. The full detailed steps to configure and send a delivery are presented in this section.

The following sections detail settings and configurations that are specific to delivering emails: