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Send emails on Japanese mobiles sending-emails-on-japanese-mobiles

Email formats for Japanese mobiles email-formats-for-japanese-mobiles

Adobe Campaign manages three specific Japanese formats for email on mobiles: Deco-mail (DoCoMo mobiles), Decore Mail (Softbank mobiles) and Decoration Mail (KDDI AU mobiles). These formats impose particular coding, structure, and size constraints. Learn more about limitations and recommendations in this section.

In order for the recipient to correctly receive messages in one of these formats, we recommend selecting Deco-mail (DoCoMo), Decore Mail (Softbank) or Decoration Mail (KDDI AU) in the corresponding profile:

However, if you leave the Email format option as Unknown, HTML or Text, Adobe Campaign will automatically detect (when sending the email) the Japanese format to use so that the message is correctly displayed.

This automatic detection system is based on the list of predefined domains defined in the Management of Email Formats mail rule set. For more on managing email formats, refer to this page.

Limitations and recommendations limitations-and-recommendations

A certain number of constraints apply for sending emails that will be read on a mobile operated by a Japanese provider (Softbank, DoCoMo, KDDI AU).

Therefore, you must:

  • Only use images in JPEG or GIF format
  • Create a delivery with text and HTML sections that are strictly lower than 10 000 bytes (for KDDI AU and DoCoMo)
  • Use images with a total size (before encoding) that is lower than 100 KB
  • Do not use more than 20 images per message
  • Use a reduced size HTML format (a limited number of tags are available for each operator)
Limitations specific to each operator must be taken into account when creating your message. Refer to their product documentation.

Test the email content testing-the-email-content

Preview the message previewing-the-message

Adobe Campaign allows you to check that your message format is adapted to be sent to a Japanese mobile.

Once you have defined your content and entered the email subject, you can check the display and formatting when the message is created.

In the Preview tab of the content editing window, clicking More… > Deco-mail diagnostic allows you to:

  • Check that the HTML content tags conform to the Japanese format restrictions

  • Check that the number of images in the message does not exceed the limit imposed by the format (20 images)

  • Check the total message size (less than 100kB)

Run typology rule running-typology-rule

In addition to the previewing diagnosis, a second check is carried out when sending a proof or a delivery: a specific typology rule, Deco-mail check, is started during the analysis.

This typology rule is only executed if at least one of the recipients is configured to receive emails in Deco-mail (DoCoMo), Decore Mail (Softbank) or Decoration Mail (KDDI AU) format.

This typology rule allows you to make sure that the delivery respects the format constraints defined by the Japanese operators, particularly in relation to the total size of the email, the size of the HTML and text sections, the number of images in the messages, and the tags in the HTML content.

Send proofs sending-proofs

You can send proofs to test your delivery. When you send the proof, if you are using substitution addresses, please enter addresses that correspond to the email format of the profile used.

For example, you can replace a profile’s address by test@softbank.ne.jp if the email format for this profile was defined beforehand on Decore Mail (Softbank).

Send messages sending-messages

To send an email to recipients with Japanese email formats with Campaign, two options are possible:

  • Create two deliveries: one only for Japanese recipients and another for other recipients - refer to this section.
  • Create a single delivery and Adobe Campaign will automatically detect the format to use - refer to this section.

Design a specific delivery for Japanese formats designing-a-specific-delivery-for-japanese-formats

You can create a workflow that contains two deliveries: one to be read on a Japanese mobile and another for recipients with a standard email format.

To do this, use the Split activity in your workflow and define the Japanese email formats (Deco-mail, Decoration Mail and Decore Mail) as filtering conditions.

Design a delivery for all formats designing-a-delivery-for-all-formats

When Adobe Campaign dynamically manages the formats according to the domain (profiles with email formats defined as Unknown, HTML or Text ), you can send the same delivery to all of your recipients.

The message contact will display correctly for the users on Japanese mobiles, just as for the standard recipients.

Make sure to respect the special features associated with each Japanese email format (Deco-mail, Decoration Mail, and Decore Mail). For more information on limitations, refer to this section.