pathEmbed pathembed

Embed paths data. Specifies whether Photoshop paths embedded in the vignette should be included in the response image.


Properties section-be50b6d1ebd14a9c93f80ac338b44bfc

Request attribute. Ignored if the vignette does not contain paths data. The paths data is scaled to wid= and/or hei= if necessary.

Ignored if the output image format does not support path embedding. Refer to the description of fmt= for a list of output image formats that support path embedding.

Default section-3be88ed9053b48919ff33af9418078cc

pathEmbed=0, for no embedding of paths in output images.

See also section-4e6151658c384b6f9d0446f55dde7b7f

fmt=, wid=, hei=