addressfilter addressfilter

Address filter element. Optional in <rule> elements. Overrides attribute::ClientAddressFilter when the rule is applied.

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Comma-separated list of IP addresses. Each individual address may include an optional netmask suffix to allow specification of IP address ranges. See attribute::ClientAddressFilter for details.

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Access to this image catalog can be restricted to one or more specific IP addresses by specifying them in an <addressfilter> element. A “request refused” error is returned to the client if the client IP address is not matched.

Access is not restricted if <addressfilter> is empty or not specified.

If the <expression> in the <rule> element is absent or empty, the <addressfilter> is applied to all requests.

localhost is always implicitly part of the ClientAddressFilter definition, even if not explicitly specified. Requests originating from localhost are never rejected, regardless of the ClientAddressFilter specification.

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