op_blur op-blur

Blur image. Applies a blur filter to the image data.

op_blur= *radius*

Blur filter radius in pixels (real 0..100).

radius is in pixels relative to the composite image. Also used to feather layer effects.

Properties section-92573fe2c07746a7bab93a81fc3d208d

Layer command. Applies to the current layer or to the composite image if layer=comp.

Default section-a976cb86620d489085a8fc9bae2626c0

op_blur=0, for no blur effect.

Example section-1ebacde68388492eb108ae0fcd7424db

Blur the background of an image. A separate mask image is referenced by catalog::MaskPath. Note that layer=0must be specified explicitly, otherwise op_blur would be applied to the entire composite image.