pathEmbed pathembed

Embed paths data. Specifies whether Photoshop paths from the layer 0 source image file should be included in the response image.


Properties section-26eb1c9e13574a0eae39f6d5b92c8995

Request attribute. Ignored if the source image does not contain paths data. The paths data is scaled and rotated like the image data. Only paths from the source image of layer=0 are processed; paths from other layer images are ignored.

Ignored if the output image format does not support path embedding. Refer to the description of fmt= for a list of output image formats that support path embedding.

Restrictions section-697cddb79a1542bc8457d2f4f59eec69

Open Photoshop paths (paths which do not form closed loops) are not supported for embedding into the response image at this time.

Default section-62f113ad71c04517a2741d93319a2b5d

pathEmbed=0, for no embedding of paths in output images.

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