ErrorImage errorimage

Error response image. Image Rendering normally returns an error status with a text message when an error occurs. The attribute::ErrorImage allows configuring an image to be returned if there is an error.

When an error occurs, the server attempts to interpret the value of ImageRendering::attribute::ErrorImageas a simple image file path. If the file cannot be opened, it sends the attribute value and error details to Image Serving, which processes as described in ImageServing::attribute::ErrorImage. If Image Serving does not return a valid response image, the standard HTTP error status and text message are sent to the client.

Error images are returned with HTTP status 200.

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Text string. If specified, it must either be an ImageServing::catalog::id value, a relative path (to ImageServing::attribute::RootPath or ImageRendering::attribute::RootPath), or an absolute path to an image file that is accessible by the Image Server.

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Inherited from default::ErrorImage if it is not defined. If it is defined but empty, error image behavior is disabled, even if default::ErrorImage is defined, and an HTTP error status is returned.

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attribute::DefaultImage, attribute::ErrorDetail, attribute::RootPath, catalog::Id