ErrorDetail errordetail

Error message detail. Specifies the level of detail for error messages returned by way of HTTP as the error.message value.

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The following values are permitted:

Title only. Returns a short general description of the error.
Brief message. Reserved for future use. Currently returns the same info as 0.
Detailed message. Provides user-level details about the error. May include sensitive information, such as file paths.
Full debug info. Adds Java™ stack traces when applicable. Error images never include stack traces and instead return level 2 information in $error.message.
  • Level 0 is recommended for live servers that can be accessed publicly.
  • Level 2 is recommended for staging, quality assurance, and application development servers.
  • Level 3 information may be useful when reporting problems to Dynamic Media technical support.

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Enumerated value, must be 0, 1, 2, or 3.

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Inherited from default::ErrorDetail if not specified or if empty.

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