Default catalog default-catalog

The default catalog provides default values for all catalog attributes for all image catalogs.

If a particular attribute cannot be found in a specific image catalog, the server uses the corresponding value from the default catalog instead. Similarly, the default catalog can be used to provide defaults for specific catalog data records (images, macro definitions, fonts, and ICC profiles). If a particular data record cannot be found in a specific image catalog, the server attempts to find it in the default catalog instead. This allows image catalogs to be sparsely populated and simplifies management of global attributes and data, such as shared templates, macros, fonts, and so on.

In addition, the default catalog provides all attributes and data records (macros, fonts, ICC profiles, request pre-processing rules) when no specific image catalog is involved in an operation.

For correct functioning of the Platform Server the catalog attributes file for the default catalog must be named default.ini, must always exist in the catalog folder, and must be fully populated with all required attributes, excluding attribute::RootId and the references to the various catalog data files, which are all optional.

All catalog attribute files except default.ini must contain a unique attribute::RootId value. attribute::RootId in default.ini must be empty.