textPs textps

Layer text (Adobe Photoshop compatible). Specifies the text body for a text layer.

textPs= *string*

Rich-text-formatted (RTF) string.

All font, font color, and paragraph formatting control is achieved using RTF commands.

See Text Formatting.

textPs= supports extended features, such as justification, flowing of text into non-rectangular regions defined with textFlowPath= and/or textFlowXPath=, and rendering of text along arbitrary paths defined with textPath=.

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Layer attribute. Applies to layer=0 if layer=comp. Mutually exclusive with src= and text= in the same layer. The last occurrence of text=, textPs=, and src= prevails and determines whether this is an image or a text layer. Ignored by effect layers.

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Text Formatting, src=, textAttr=, text=, textFlowPath=, textFlowXPath=, textPath=, textAngle=