Size size

Decal size. Width, height, and thickness of a decal material object.

Properties section-967bf1112eec4032a91ed0c8a7b10a07

Three real numbers separated by commas. It must not be negative. Set unused values to 0. Trailing zeros may be omitted.

Specify both width and height only if the image should be stretched to fit the specified size (the aspect ratio may change). Set either width or height to scale the image proportionally. Set both width and height to 0 to use catalog::Resolutionto determine the object size.

Provide a thickness value to add a drop shadow to the decal object. Optional for decal materials, ignored by all other materials.

Default section-8029fe4dcbd1427db94a4fef1ccbbfd0

0,0,0. This indicates that the decal size is to be determined based on catalog::Resolution, and that the object does not have a thickness (therefore, no drop shadow is rendered).

Examples section-7e7166ec9a1e4f4cb026de3342fcddc3

The decal is forced to 12x3 inches in size and has no thickness (this is, no drop shadow).
The decal is 5 inches wide, the height is determined by the aspect ratio of the image, and a drop shadow is rendered based on a 1-inch thickness.
The decal width and height is determined by catalog::Resolution, and that it is ½ inch thick.

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