SSL ssl

Use these server settings for SSL.

TC::SslPort - Listening Port section-c80eb582bf684b3fa7313a77cc606769

Specifies the listening port for the Platform Server for SSL connections. Default is 8443.

TC::keystoreFile - Keystore File Path section-0cdf9b3cfcf249818b22221d01bafebe

Specify the path/name of the SSL keystore file. May be an absolute path or a path relative to install_folder/conf. Default is install_folder/conf/scene7keystore.

TC::keystorePass - Keystore Password section-e7e9bfb7df584a248c0e3ee46803c3b1

The password for the keystore file. Default is scene7.

TC::keystoreType - Keystore Type section-8f263e1ba67740728cd39181960d7c7d

Select the type of keystore. ’ Java' (default) and ’ PKCS12’ are supported.