maskUse maskuse

Image mask usage. Specifies how the mask or alpha channel of the image is used for operations on the image (for example, colorize=). When specified in an effect layer, it allows applying the effect to the background area of parent layer or to the entire parent layer rectangle.


The following table illustrates the effect of maskUse= depending on availability and type of the mask (alpha channel) associated with the layer image.

No mask
Unassociated alpha (or separate mask image)
Associated (pre-multiplied) alpha
Opaque image rectangle
Opaque image rectangle
Foreground area of image over rectangle filled with solid black
Opaque image rectangle
Foreground area of image
Foreground area of image or layer
Hidden layer
Background area of image
Background area of image or layer filled with solid black

Properties section-f36ad1af348e45aeb3eb336544df30b0

Image or layer attribute. Applies to layer 0 if layer=comp. If specified in an effect layer, the command modifies the mask inherited from the parent layer.

The behavior of maskUse= is undefined and unsupported when specified with text or solid color layers when no image mask is applicable (specified with mask= or catalog::Mask).

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Example section-daa371e9be5547368ff6772342acba0a

Colorize the background area of an image; the image foreground is defined by a separate mask image. This is achieved by layering the colorized image background on top if the unmodified image:


See also section-f239d8f4ce70434f8d30e482ed60ee5e

color= , mask=