IccProfileSrcGray iccprofilesrcgray

Grayscale default input color profile. Specifies the name of the ICC color profile to be used for grayscale source images which do not embed a color profile and for certain grayscale color values specified with various Image Serving commands, such as color=.

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Text string. If specified, must be a valid icc::Name value from the ICC profile map of either this image catalog or the default catalog, or a file path relative to attribute::RootPath. The referenced ICC profile must be a grayscale profile.

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Inherited from default::IccProfileSrcGray if not defined or if empty. If attribute::IccProfileSrcGray does not resolve to a valid profile, attribute::IccProfileGray is used instead.

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icc::Name , attribute::IccRenderIntent, attribute::IccProfileGray, attribute::RootPath