View height. Specifies the height of the reply image.

hei= *val*

Image height in pixels (int greater than 0).

Raster formats are rendered using the Default View Size (or the DefaultPix setting). Select Application Setup > Publish Setup > Image Server, then enter your Width and Height values. Smaller sizes provide better performance. Save your settings and perform an Image Serving Publish to apply a change.

If you apply a scale=1 command, a raster format request is rendered at the size specified in the FXG.


If wid=, hei=, or scale= are not specified, the reply image is the default view size specified in the FXG file.



Unless a format is specified, the image is rendered as a SWF file. In this case, height and width have no meaning, because the SWF usually expands to the size of the browser window. As a result, hei and wid only apply to raster or PDF formats. Raster formats include:

  • GIF
  • TIF
  • PNG
  • JPG
  • JPEG
  • GIF-alpha
  • TIF-alpha
  • PNG-alpha