op_usmR op-usmr

Unsharp-mask. Unsharp masks the layer or the final view image, after all scaling, if layer=comp.

The parameters are applied as is, regardless of whether down sampling has occurred.

op_usmR= *amount*[, *radiusR*[, *threshold*[, *monochrome*]]]

Filter strength factor (real 0…5).
Filter kernel radius in pixels (real 0…250).
Filter threshold level (int 0…255).

Set to 0 to apply to each color component separately or to 1 to apply only to the image brightness (intensity).

monochrome is ignored for grayscale images.

The layer mask or composite mask is sharpened as well.

Properties section-fb5311b34d164946b74dadb32359518a

Layer attribute or view attribute. Applies to the current layer or to the final view image if layer=comp. Effect layers ignore it.

Default section-2bedc99866ff473e90e5ea36596d8362

op_usmR=0,0,0,0 for no unsharp-masking effect.

See also section-63f186b8a1b34ec4bb895230838502a4

qlt= , op_sharpen= , op_usm