ClientAddressFilter clientaddressfilter

Client IP address filter. Allows specification of one or more IP addresses or address ranges.

When specified, requests to this image catalog that originate from a client at an unlisted IP address are rejected.

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Comma-separated list of IP addresses with optional netmasks (CIDR notation is used):

*ipAddress* [/ netmask] * [, ipAddress [/ netmask]]

IP address in ddd.ddd.ddd.ddd format.
Net mask (0…32).

This attribute is ignored when a preprocessing rule with an <addressfilter> element is applied.

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Inherited from default::AddressFilter if not defined or if empty.

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No access restrictions:

Grant access to all addresses starting with 192:

Grant access to the 512 hosts with addresses between and

Grant access to a single IP address: or

See also section-4ea89a7d82e14a4a800487d2d8801465