coordN coordn

Normalized Coordinates. Used to specify relative positions within an image, such as image offsets or crop parameters, normalized to the size of the image.

nx , ny
nx , ny
coordinate offset normalized to the size of an image (real, real)

Positive values move towards the bottom-right.

Often, the reference position is the center of the image. In this case, 0,0 corresponds to the center of the image, -0.5,-0.5 to the top-left corner, and 0.5,0.5 to the bottom-right corner.

It is also used to specify image size or rectangle size relative to the size of layer 0. In this case, the value must be greater than 0. 0 may indicate that a specific default value should be used. A value of 1,1 specifies a size equal to that of layer 0.