Catalog attribute files catalog-attribute-files

Catalog attribute files can have any name, but must have an .ini file suffix. They can be readily maintained using any text editor.

Catalog attribute files consist of a set of text records, separated by a single <CR> (ASCII code 0xD), a single <LF> (ASCII code 0xA), or a <CR><LF> pair. Each record consists of an attribute name and one or more comma-separated attribute values:

*name*= *values*{<CR>|<LF>|<CR><LF }

val[, values]
Attribute name. May consist of one or more letters, number, -, and _. Not case-sensitive.
Attribute value. Must not include <CR> or <LF> characters, unless escaped by a single backslash just before the newline character.

White space between tokens is optional.

Records with unknown attribute names are ignored by the Platform Server.

Attribute names may consist of any combination of ASCII letters, numbers, as well as “-”, “_”, and “.”.

If the same attribute name occurs more than once in the same attribute file, the last one encountered prevails.

Use # as the first character to mark any record as a comment, which the parser ignores.