size size

Layer size. Specifies the size or maximum layer size for a layer, before rotate=, perspective=, and extend= are applied to the layer.

size= *width*, *height*

sizeN= *widthN*, *heightN*

width , height
Layer size constraint in pixels (int, int, 0 or greater).
widthN , heightN
Layer size constraint normalized relative to the layer 0 size (real, real, 0.0…1.0).

When specified for an image layer, size= constrains the layer image’s width, or height, or both. The image is scaled to be no larger than size=. If a normalized size is specified, it is relative to the size of layer 0. If both width and height are specified, the source image is scaled (after crop= is applied) so that neither dimension exceeds the specified size. The aspect ratio of the source rectangle is maintained in all cases. Either width or height may be set to 0; in this case the value is calculated by the server based on the aspect ratio of the image.

When specified for a text layer, size= specifies the text box size. width is required; height may be set to 0, in which case the height of the laid out text is used as the layer height. By default, the text layout engines insert line breaks to ensure that text always fits horizontally into the available space. If height is specified, lines which do not fit into the available space are clipped ( text=) or omitted ( textPs=). text= supports additional fit modes; refer to textAttr= for details.

When specified for a solid color layer, size= defines the exact layer size; both values must be specified (unless a mask is provided). If mask= is also specified, the mask image is sized to fit size= the same way images are scaled in image layers.

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Layer attribute. Applies to layer 0 if layer=comp. sizeN= is not permitted for layer=0 or layer=comp. sizeN= is permitted for layer=0 and layer=comp only in catalog records which define watermark images. In this case, sizeN defines the scaling of the watermark image relative to the composite image to which the watermark is being applied. If size= is specified, res= and scale= are ignored for this layer. Ignored by effect layers.

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size=0,0, the layer size is unconstrained. For image layers, the layer size is then determined based on the layer image size after any crop=, scale=, or res= operations have been applied. For text layers, if size= is not specified, the layer is sized automatically to fit the rendered text.

Solid color layers require either a fully specified size=, a mask=, or clipPath=.

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See Example A in Templates.

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scale= , res=, textAttr=, mask=, clipPath=, Text Layers