rect rect

Final view rectangle. It allows the final view image to be disassembled into several strips or tiles, which can be delivered separately and reassembled by the client seamlessly, with no artifacts along the edges.

rect= *coord*, *size*[, *scale*]

Pixel offset from the top-left corner of the view image to the top-left of the view rectangle (int, int), expressed in pixels, after scale is applied.
Size of the ROI in pixels (int, int). Specifies the reply image size. The image is filled with bgc= in areas not covered by the view image (or left transparent, if fmt=*-alpha is present in the request).
Scale factor (real). Values smaller than 1.0 reduce the resolution, and values larger than 1.0 increase the resolution.

Using this command, Image Serving can deliver large images by way of HTTP which would otherwise exceed the size limit configured with attribute::MaxPix.

For best results, when JPEG compression is used, the strip or tile size should be a multiple of the JPEG encoding tile size (16x16 pixels).

Example section-932fcfcb41d74a29bc929e4430c49601

Separate a printable CMYK image into several full-resolution strips to reduce the download file sizes. If you requested a contiguous image:


First, relevant information about the image is obtained:


The text response includes these properties:

image.width=2000 image.height=2400 image.version=37JK6NTvpvC42F5gOuLEVY

Based on this information, four 600x2000 pixel strips are desired. The rect= command is used to describe the strip sizes and positions.

Because this image is changed frequently, the id= command is included. Doing so minimizes the chance of ending up with one or more strips from an older version of the image which may have been cached in a CDN or proxy server. The value of the image.version property is used for this purpose.

http://server/is/image/cat/imageId?scl=1&op_usm=.9,2&bgc=ffffff&id=37JK6NTvpvC42F5gOuLEVY&rect=0,0,2000,600 http://server/is/image/cat/imageId?scl=1&op_usm=.9,2&bgc=ffffff&id=37JK6NTvpvC42F5gOuLEVY&rect=0,600,2000,600 http://server/is/image/cat/imageId?scl=1&op_usm=.9,2&bgc=ffffff&id=37JK6NTvpvC42F5gOuLEVY&rect=0,1200,2000,600 http://server/is/image/cat/imageId?scl=1&op_usm=.9,2&bgc=ffffff&id=37JK6NTvpvC42F5gOuLEVY&rect=0,1800,2000,600

Properties section-aae223cee13e46d38b74680c048d945b

View attribute. It applies regardless of the current layer setting.

Any areas of the ROI extending outside the view image are padded with bgc=.

Important rect= is applied after final scaling and fitting with scl=, wid=, hei=, fit=, rgn=, and align=.

Default section-b296d3bbfb19441f87137a452b70f19a

Entire, unmodified view image ( rect=0,0,width,height,1.0).

See Also section-74015202c0c545ec82aec614d74b4bbd

crop= , extend=, wid=, hei=, scl=, align=, fit=, rgn=, attribute::MaxPix, id=