icc icc

Output Color Profile.

icc= *object*[, *renderIntent*[, *blackpointComp*[, *dither*]]

ICC color profile.
1 to enable, 0 to disable blackpoint compensation.
1 to enable, 0 to disable dithering.

The value object specifies the output color space profile to which the image should be converted if it is different from the working profile. The value profile must be either a valid icc::Name defined in the ICC profile map of an image catalog or default catalog, or a relative path to a profile file (typically with .icc or .icm suffix). See object for additional information.

The value object may not include ‘,’ characters, even if HTTP-encoded.

The value renderIntent allows overriding the default rendering intent.

The value blackpointComp enables blackpoint compensation if the output profile supports this feature.

Not all color conversions support all renderIntent and blackpointComp choices. Typically, these settings are honored only when the ICC output profile characterizes an output device such as a printer or monitor. Also, some ICC output profiles do not support all renderIntent choices.


The modifier dither enables dithering (actually error diffusion), which may avoid or reduce color banding artifacts.

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Request attribute. The server returns an error if an image type is specified with fmt= which does not match profile.

The modifiers renderIntent and blackpointComp are ignored if not compatible with the specified ICC profile. CMYK output device profiles are more likely to support different rendering intents.

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If color management is enabled and icc= is not specified, the server delivers the image converted to the output profile ( attribute::IccProfile*) matching the image type specified with fmt=.

If not specified, renderIntent is inherited from attribute::IccRenderIntent, blackpointComp is inherited from attribute::IccBlackPointCompensation, and dither is inherited from attribute::IccDither.

See also section-37f16b0c2c4b48f3a39dcde2a350f91e

attribute::IccProfile* , attribute::IccRenderIntent, attribute::IccBlackPointCompensation, attribute::IccDither, fmt=, object, Color Management, ICC Profile Map Reference, iccEmbed=