Layer transforms layer-transforms

Transforms are applied to source images and text layers.

The following operations are applied to source images, in the given order, to achieve the desired spatial relationship with layer 0:

  1. Apply crop=, if specified.
  2. Scale based on size= or, if size= is not specified, based on scale=, or, if scale= is not specified, based on res=, or, if res=is not specified, use the full resolution source image.
  3. Apply flip=, if specified.
  4. Apply rotate=, if specified.
  5. Apply extend=, if specified.
  6. Position the layer in the canvas based on origin= and pos= (see below).

The following transforms are applied to text layers:

  1. The text box size is determined by size=, or the text width and height, if size= is only partially or not at all provided. The text is aligned within the text box using the rtf text alignment attributes. Text may be cropped by the text box.
  2. Scale the text content based on the resolution specified with textAttr=.
  3. Apply rotate=, if specified.
  4. Apply extend=, if specified.
  5. Position the layer in the canvas based on origin= and pos=(see below).

For both image and text layers, the last step-positioning the layer in the canvas-does not apply to layer 0, since layer 0 effectively constitutes the canvas.