joboption joboption

Apply PDF job options. A job options file or PDF preset is a file generated by Illustrator in the Save As PDF options dialog or PDF presets in InDesign.

joboption= *value*

The IPSID of the job options file.

The job options file can be uploaded and published by IPS/Dynamic Media Classic. The PDF options contained in the job options file are used when the PDF is generated.

The following options are currently supported:



Object Level Compression

Embed thumbnails

Optimize for fast web view

Downsample, Resolution, Threshold, and Compression for color, gray, and mono

Embed all fonts

Embed OpenType fonts

Subset embedded fonts when percent of characters used is less than:

Always Embed List

Never Embed List


Color Strategy(Tag only images is treated as tag everything)

Document Rendering Intent

Only the following working spaces are supported for 4.2.5.

  • RGB

    • e-sRGB
    • scRGB with encoding range [-4.0, 4.0]
    • Lab D50
    • PCS XYZ
    • Flat XYZ
    • Linear ROMM-RGB
    • ROMM-RGB
    • sYCC 8-bit
    • e-sYCC 8-bit
  • Gray

    • Gray Gamma 1.8
    • Gray Gamma 2.2
    • Dot Gain 10%
    • Dot Gain 15%
    • Dot Gain 20%
    • Dot Gain 25%
    • Dot Gain 30%
    • sGray

Preserve CMYK values for calibrated CMYK color spaces

Preserve OPI comments is always turned on.
Compliance standard.