targets targets

Zoom targets data from image catalog. Returns zoom target data for the image catalog entry specified in the URL path.

req=targets[,text|{xml[, *encoding*]}|{json[&id= *reqId*]}]

UTF-8 | UTF-16 | UTF-16LE | UTF-16BE | ISO-8859-1
Unique request identifier.

The contents of catalog::Targets are returned. When ‘text’ format is requested, all instances of ?? in catalog::Targets are replaced by line terminators, and a single-line terminator ( CR/LF) is appended to the end. If the URL path does not resolve to a valid catalog entry, the response consists only of a single-line terminator. Appropriate formatting is applied when ‘xml’ or ‘json’ format is requested.

Other commands in the request string are ignored.

The HTTP response is cacheable with the TTL based on catalog::Expiration.

Requests that support JSONP response format lets you specify the name of the JS callback handler using the extended syntax of req= parameter:

req=...,json [&handler = reqHandler ]

<reqHandler> is the name of the JS handler that is present in the JSONP response. Only a-z, A-Z, and 0-9 characters are allowed. Optional. Default is s7jsonResponse.