op_colorize op-colorize

Colorize image. Colorizes the image data while preserving shadows and highlights.

op_colorize= *color*[,off|norm[, *contrast*]]

Replacement RGB color.
Disable automatic brightness compensation.
Enable automatic brightness compensation (default).
Contrast range (real 0..100); set to 0 to preserve the input contrast.

The second argument specifies whether the brightness of the source image should be adjusted before colorizing. Specify off to disable the automatic brightness compensation or norm to adjust the brightness automatically so that the median value is at 50% intensity.

Set the contrast value to 0 to preserve the contrast range of the input image, or specify a desired contrast range with a value greater than 0. A value of 100 maximizes the contrast. Typical values might be between 30 and 70.

In addition to the built-in brightness and contrast adjustments, op_brightness= and op_contrast= may be used to further fine-tune the colorizing effect.

The colorizing algorithm uses only the luminance information in the image data. This conversion to grayscale is simple and not color-managed. op_colorize always outputs RGB data, even if the input is grayscale or CMYK.

Properties section-c0f8bd424b864153a1108f384939f55b

Layer command. Applies to the current layer or to the composite image if layer=comp. Ignored by effect layers.

color must be an RGB value; gray or CMYK color values are not supported.

The contrast value is ignored if brightness compensation is turned off.

color is assumed to exist in the working color space corresponding to the pixel type of color. color is converted accurately if the layer image has a different pixel type at the time of merge.

CMYK images are converted to RGB before the operation is applied.

Default section-0c3ea13efbac432c8970862d223e39b3

None, for no colorization. The second and third arguments default to norm,0, for automatic brightness compensation and no contrast change.

Example section-4c418d7b5e97409d9a448b8f08a1eab3

Adjust brightness and contrast dynamically before colorizing an image layer:


Use automatic brightness and contrast adjustment instead:


See also section-5581eb0e03014fa795e8f078c60e6c8d

color, op_brightness=, op_contrast=, Color Management