set set

Media set info.

req=set[,xml[, encoding]|{json[&id= reqId]}]

UTF-8 | UTF-16 | UTF-16LE | UTF-16BE | ISO-8859-1
Unique request identifier

Returns information about images, videos, swatches, and various metadata associated with catalog::ImageSet for the image catalog entry specified in the URL path. This response is a hierarchical structure as determined by the type of set provided. Appropriate formatting is applied when ‘xml’ or ‘json’ format is requested.

The HTTP response is cacheable with the TTL based on catalog::NonImgExpiration.

The colon character is not allowed in req=set requests.

Requests that support JSON response format lets you specify the name of the JS callback handler using the extended syntax of req= parameter:

req=...,json [&handler = reqHandler ]

<reqHandler> is the name of JS handler present in the JSONP response. Only a-z, A-Z, and 0-9 characters are allowed. Optional. Default is s7jsonResponse.