IccRenderIntent iccrenderintent

Color conversion-rendering intent. Provides the default rendering intent for color conversions when the render intent is not specified with icc=.

Properties section-0a38c60e1525426185616c42824aee2c

Enum. Set to 0 for perceptual, 1 for relative colorimetric, 2 for saturation, 3 for absolute colorimetric. Keep empty or set to any other value so you can use the default rendering intent defined in the color profile.

Default section-9301e3b7d0184ec5bf54a6eb73a6d3c1

Inherited from default::IccRenderIntentif not defined. If empty, ‘relative colorimetric’ is applied.

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attribute::IccProfile* , attribute::IccBlackPointCompensation, icc=