crop crop

Crop Image. Specifies a rectangular crop region, expressed either in pixels or normalized relative to the full-resolution source image or mask image.

crop= *coord*, *size*

cropN= *coordN*, *sizeN*

Pixel offset from the top-left corner of the source image to the top-left of the crop rect (int, int).
Normalized offset from the top-left of the source image to the top-left of the crop rect (real, real).
Size of the crop rect in pixels (int, int).
Normalized size of the crop rect relative to the size of the source image (real, real).

May also be used to extend the image beyond its boundaries by specifying negative x, y values and/or width, height values larger than the image width, height. In this case, the extended area is fully transparent (unless bgColor= is specified).

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Source image/mask attribute. Applies to the layer 0 source image if layer=comp. Ignored by layers which are not associated with a source image or mask.

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Entire image ( cropN=0,0,1,1).

Examples section-2c99b481c0a04321979a3b522aa295d1

Crop 10% off the left and 10% off the right:


Crop 20% off the bottom edge of an image:


See also section-d5616c7aa0ce4faa88f51dd5662e5daf

cropPath bgColor= , anchor=, extend=