Error redirection error-redirection

Use these server settings to redirect errors.

Pipe characters (|) in the net path are not supported for error redirection.

PS::errorRedirect.rootUrl - Redirect Server section-85f22e48d68842a490b0e1191543b558

The root URL ( HTTP:// domain[: port]) for the secondary Image Serving deployment to which requests which fail locally should be redirected. Error redirect is disabled (default) when this setting is empty or not defined.

PS::errorRedirect.connectTimeout - Redirect Connection Timeout section-3971be8f720d4b32a2cc7860b4085971

Maximum time (in msec) the server waits for a connection with the secondary server to be established before returning an error to the client.

PS::errorRedirect.socketTimeout - Redirect Response Timeout section-69d8579f748d4044bca99dfb64dd523c

Maximum time (in msec) the server waits for the secondary server to return data before abandoning the redirect request and returning an error to the client.