anchor anchor

Image anchor (hotspot). Specifies the texture anchor point (hotspot) of the repeatable texture or decal material.

anchor= *x*, *y*

anchorN= *xn*, *yn*

x, y
Pixel offset from the top-left corner of the source image (int, int).
xn, yn
Normalized offset from the center of the source image (real, real).

A repeatable texture is applied to a vignette object, so that the texture anchor point ( anchor=) is at the object’s texture origin point.

A decal image is applied to a vignette object, so that the decal anchor point is at the object’s decal origin point. The decal position can be further adjusted using the pos= command.

anchorN=0,0 Places the image anchor at the center of the source image. anchorN=-0.5,-0.5 or anchor=0,0 is at the top-left corner, and anchorN=0.5,0.5 is at the bottom-right corner of the source image.

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Material attribute. Ignored if align=2, or if the material is not a repeatable texture, a wallpaper, nor a decal.

Default section-b06d728c2f664c29bacf810eefcbde69

catalog::Anchor, if the material is based on a catalog entry. Otherwise, anchor=0,0 (the top-left corner of the image) for repeatable textures and wallpapers, and anchorN=0,0 (the center of the image) for decals.

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catalog::Anchor , align=