bgColor bgcolor

Layer Background Color. Specifies the background color and opacity of the current layer.

bgColor= *color*

Gray, RGB, or CMYK color value, with or without alpha.

Transparent and semi-opaque areas within the bounding rectangle of the layer are filled with the specified color* after* opac=, rotate=, and extend= are applied.

Properties section-19dfc13e997f4a33889a1df1e4ad50b9

Layer attribute. Applies to current layer or to layer 0 if layer=comp. Ignored by effect layers.

color is assumed to exist in the working color space corresponding to the pixel type of color. color is converted accurately if the final layer image has a different pixel type.

Default section-30cd43f922c04ed9b75875ff7f20c88f

0,0,0,0 (fully transparent).

Example section-6e14fcf1d31e432dbdb56b9320904453

See color=.

See also section-64b3f153c6d94ab58f46e77324697818

color, color=, blendMode=, opac=, extend=, rotate=, bgc=, Color Management