op_colorbalance op-colorbalance

Adjust color balance. Adjusts the value of each RGB color component separately.

op_colorbalance= *redAdj*, *greenAdj*, *blueAdj*

Red component adjustment (-100…+100 int).
Green component adjustment (-100…+100 int).
Blue component adjustment (-100…+100 int).

Gray and CMYK input image data is converted to RGB using naive conversion which is not accurate when color management is enabled.

Properties section-dff9c934f7c1442bbd02379b688d82e2

Layer command. Applies to the current layer or to the composite image if layer=comp. Ignored by effect layers. CMYK images and layers are converted to RGB before the operation is applied.

Default section-08d84ef715964f7daea86f5ef237d199

op_colorbalance=0,0,0 for no change in colors.

Example section-7e97fa36e01d4af8ab03fc9d493da1a1

Push the color balance towards red: