resMode resmode

Resampling mode. Selects the resampling and/or interpolation algorithm to use for scaling the rendered image to the size specified with wid=, hei=, or scl=.


Selects standard bilinear interpolation. Fastest resampling method; some aliasing artifacts may be noticeable.
Selects bicubic interpolation. More CPU-intensive than bilinear interpolation, but yields sharper images with less noticeable aliasing artifacts.

Selects a modified Lanczos Window function as an interpolation algorithm. May produce slightly sharper results than bicubic at a higher CPU cost.

sharp has been replaced by sharp2 , which has a lesser likelihood of causing aliasing artifacts, also known as Moiré.

Selects the Adobe Photoshop default resampler for reducing image size which is called "bicubic sharper" in Adobe Photoshop .

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May occur anywhere within the request. Ignored if no final image scaling is applied.

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attribute::ResMode , wid=, hei=, scl=