Source data source-data

Image Rendering source data files include vignette files, material files (images for repeatable textures and decals as well as cabinet and window covering style files), and ICC profiles.

All source data files must be accessible to the native code component of Image Rendering (co-located with the Image Server).

If a material catalog is involved, the file specified in the material catalog (with vignette::Path, catalog::Path, or icc::ProfilePath) is looked up by the Render Server as follows:

  • If the path is absolute, it is used as is.
  • If the path is relative, it is prefixed with catalog::RootPath (from a named material catalog).
  • If the path is absolute, it is used; otherwise, it is prefixed with default::RootPath (from the default catalog).
  • If the path is absolute, it is used; otherwise, the server combines it with the path specified in ir.resourceRootPaths.
  • If the path is now absolute, it is used; otherwise, it is assumed to be relative to install_folder.

If no image catalog is involved, the path is combined with default::RootPath and then processed as above.

The physical location of source data files is typically specified with ir.resourceRootPaths. Multiple values can be specified to allow source data files to be distributed across multiple file systems. The Render Server tries each path in the order specified until the data file is found.

New data files of any kind can be added anytime without stopping the server.