Size size

Image size. Pixel size of the full-resolution image referenced by catalog::Path.

If this value is provided, Image Serving uses it to avoid having to open the image to obtain the actual image size.

If catalog::Sizeis provided and is not the same as the actual full-resolution image size, undefined behavior may result.

Properties section-5c914ec8b1444a8e99d811b647cd42a3

Two integer numbers, each greater than 0, separated by a comma. Optional.

Default section-257c6d47cf314ef0b3c3c32b18f0f0f1

If the field is not present, or if the field is empty, the actual size of the image is used.

See also section-e63797357d5a4119a10db1e6e088f6e9

catalog::Path , res=