Uninstalling on Linux® and Solaris™ uninstalling-on-linux-and-solaris

Follow these instructions to uninstall Image Rendering on a Linux® or Solaris™ system. There are two different methods you can use. Do one of the following:

Method 1

  1. Find uninstall.sh.

    It is in the directory from which ImageRendering was installed. If this directory has been removed, the original install package must be uncompressed and untarred to extract uninstall.sh.

  2. Run uninstall.sh and follow the on-screen instructions.

Method 2

  1. Stop ImageRendering with the following:

    *install_folder*/bin/ImageRendering.sh stop.

  2. Remove ImageRendering from your system. The command you use depends on your system.

    • Linux®: rpm -e ImageRendering

    • Solaris™: pkgrm ImageRendering

  3. Delete any directories or files that were not removed in step 2.