scl scl

Scale view. Scales the rendered image by the specified scale factor, relative to the full-resolution vignette.

scl= *invFactor*

Inverse scale factor (real, 1.0 or greater).

If scl= comes after wid= or hei= in the URL, it cancels those commands and scl= defines the size of the image returned by the server.

However, if wid= or hei= comes after scl= in the URL, they cancel scl= and wid=/ hei= define the size of the image returned by the server.

An error is returned if the calculated or default reply image size is larger than attribute::MaxPix.

Properties section-170458cbd6984bd59a3434431258b20f

May occur anywhere within the request. Ignored if wid= or hei= occur after scl= in the command sequence.

Resizing the image with scl= does not change the print resolution value embedded in the response image.

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If wid=, hei=, or scl= are not specified, the reply image is scaled to fit within the size defined by attribute::DefaultPix. If attribute::DefaultPix is empty, the reply image has the same size as the vignette’s view image.

See also section-cc5002a1d49340bbb5c7a5864c297621

wid= , hei=, resMode=, attribute::MaxPix, attribute::DefaultPix