Examples examples

This example uses Image Serving to colorize an object and apply a decal containing custom text in one of a set of vignettes.

IR variables are used to identify the vignette, the logo image, and the custom text.

The vignette::Modifier field in the record named template in the vignette map of the material catalog myCat contains the following:

$vig=defaultVignette&$text=text_goes_here&$color=220,220,220&vignette=myCat/$vig$&obj=group/object&color=$color$&decal&src=is{?size=300,100&text={\qc\fs36 $text$}}

All used vignettes are listed in the vignette map of the material catalog myCat.

The client can now make the following request to retrieve the default image (uses the variables defined at the beginning of the template):


The following request specifies certain content to render:


Refer to Image Serving Documentation for details about the Image Serving text= command.