size size

Decal size. Specifies the size of a decal material.

size= *width,height*[ *,thickness*]

width, height
Size of the decal object in scene coordinate units (typically inches) (real, real).
Thickness of the decal object in scene coordinate units (typically inches) (real).

If neither width or height is 0, the image is scaled to the exact specified dimensions and the aspect ratio of the image is not preserved. Setting either value to 0 preserves the aspect ratio of the image.

If thickness is specified, a drop shadow is rendered if the vignette object defines an appropriate light vector. Set thickness to 0 to disable drop-shadow rendering.

Properties section-818e01e91fed4015951189c818ef28d8

Material attribute. Only used by decals; ignored by all other materials. res= is ignored if either width or height is greater than 0. Values must not be negative.

Default section-f91f516c6af54f0eb4d8c964b923cae0

catalog::Size if the decal material is based on a catalog entry; otherwise size=0,0,0. The decal size is calculated from res= if wid and hei are not specified or are set to 0. No drop shadow is rendered if thickness is not specified or set to 0.

Example section-04fdc2b60b9e4071b672bf6a913738ad

An MSS for a decal, which is sized based on resolution, rotated by 20 deg clockwise, and has a thickness of 2.5 inches, for an appropriate drop shadow effect:


See also section-1b116ecd60214732a1757ee1f0cf21c2

Scene Coordinates, res=, attribute::Resolution