bgc bgc

Background color. Specifies the subtractive color for colorizable textures and decals.

bgc= *color*

RGB or gray color value.

Image Rendering’s texture colorization algorithm is straightforward - the component values of bgc= are subtracted from the values of texture pixels; color= is added, and finally the result is clipped to 0,0,0 and 255,255,255.

For typical uses of texture colorization, the value for bgc= might be the most important or dominant color in the texture image. Dynamic Media Image Authoring provides semi-automatic tools which extract reasonable bgc= color values from textures images.

When a texture material is applied to a non-texturable vignette object, bgc= is applied as the foreground color if color= is not specified.

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Material attribute. Ignored by solid color and cabinet materials.

Default section-de10ef5985ee4ae1ba56d14ba8512b81

catalog::BaseColor If the material is based on a catalog entry, otherwise bgc=808080 (neutral gray).

Example section-bf5f0f296bc448ed9d5a84afabcf81e6

Colorize an apparel fabric whose texture has the dominant RGB color 120,34,193:


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catalog::BaseColor , color=