Common data types common-data-types

Catalog attributes and fields may contain data of one of the following types.


Color value. Hexadecimal, packed RGB value, optionally preceded by 0x. For example, the RGB value 128,255,0 can be specified as 0x80ff00 or 80ff00.


0=false, 1=true, any other value means unknown or unspecified.


0 indicates an unknown or unspecified value, same as an empty field. Valid enum values are consecutive integer numbers, starting with 1.

Integer number

Signed integer value (for example 0, -12, 34). 0 or negative values may have special meaning.

Real number

Signed floating point value (for example, 0, 12.5, 245 , -2.34e4). 0 or negative values may have special meaning.

Text string

String delimiters are optional, unless the string contains any <CR>, <LF>, or <TAB> characters. Either single and double quotation marks may be used as delimiters. If quotation marks are used, any such quotation mark embedded within the string must be escaped by using two consecutive quotation marks (for example, ’ This month''s Special’).