bgc bgc

View Background Color. Specifies the background color for the composite image (view image).

bgc= *color*

Gray, RGB, or CMYK color value.

Specifies an opaque fill color to be used for the view background. Visible only if either the composite image has transparent areas, or if the composite image has a different aspect ratio than the view rectangle. Ignored if fmt=tif-alpha or fmt=png-alpha, or req=mask.

The ‘s’ color suffix is ignored by bgc=. Color values specified with bgc= are always associated with the respective output color space.

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View attribute. Applies regardless of the current layer setting. Ignored if req=mask, fmt=tif-alpha, fmt=png-alpha, fmt=gif-alpha, or fmt=swf-alpha.

Any alpha value specified with color is ignored.

color is assumed to belong to the output color space (as specified with icc=) and should have the same pixel type as the output image. If the pixel types do not match, color is converted using naïve conversion.

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Specify an explicit background color for a thumbnail request:


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color, attribute::BkgColor, fmt=, req=, icc=, Color Management