op_saturation op-saturation

Adjust saturation. Changes the saturation of each visible pixel of the layer or composite image.

op_saturation= *adj*

Saturation adjustment (-100…+100 int).

op_saturation=-100 fully desaturates the image.

Properties section-9a3cc9ff060049449554dfa69d92fd53

Layer command. Applies to the current layer or to the composite image if layer=comp. Ignored by effect layers.

Default section-ef0e78f55c8b4d22aee09104dad6410a

op_saturation=0, for no change in saturation. CMYK images or layers are converted to RGB before the operation is applied.

Example section-033b272f1b7e4efeb94e841fd8095357

Manipulate a color photograph so you can achieve a “high-key” appearance: