validate validate

Image validation utility. This command-line utility verifies image files to make sure they are valid and can be read without difficulty by Image Serving.

All non-PTIFF image files must pass validate before the file is made available to Image Serving as a source image. PTIFF images should be validated after potentially unreliable copy operations.

Usage usage

validate *fileType* [ *options*] [ *sourceFile* [ … ]]


-jpeg | -ptif | -any

Source file type; at least one must be specified (-any allows the same image file types supported by IC).

Other command options (see below).
Image file. None or more, separated by spaces.

Returns section-67a7cf7c53144fbb8f24b818f4a10901

0 if successful. If an error occurs, a non-zero value is returned and error details are sent to stderr.

Options section-9df8334b46cb4e90901505af59e4600e

-fileList listFile
Specifies a separate text file containing the list of image files. One record per file. If -fileList is included, sourceFile must not be specified.
Enables verification of the entire image file. By default, only the image header is validated.
Verifies the embedded color profile for validity. By default, the profile body is not checked.
Rejects images with 16 bits per image component. Always specified by the Image Server when it validates remote source images.
Prints more information if the image is invalid.
Disables stdout / stderr output. Only a status is returned.
Terminates processing when a file validation failure occurs, even if additional files are yet to be validated. By default, processing continues when a validation error occurs
Returns version info for this utility. Specify with no other options.