DefaultImageMode defaultimagemode

Default image mode. Selects how the default image is applied when images specified in the request are not found.

Properties section-7fa8acb63540490d9f5186231b5e77c3

Enum. ‘0’ to replace the entire composite image, even if the missing image is just one of several layers; ‘1’ to replace each missing layer source image with the default image and return the composite as usual.

Restrictions section-04cb0d50e8914564a8d226d0d4663c8b

Image Serving reverts back to DefaultImageMode=0 when nested Image Rendering, FXG, or req=set requests fail.

Default section-9e318524a2a5496386901286748c7ee7

Inherited from default::DefaultImage if not defined or if empty.

See also section-fddce1d27a0c43fb8b4d891f76ac5a52

defaultImage= , attribute::DefaultImage