rgn rgn

Region-of-interest. Specifies a rectangular region-of-interest (ROI) in the composite image, expressed in pixels.

rgn= coord, size

Pixel offset from the top-left corner of the composite image to the top-left of the ROI (int, int).
Size of the ROI in pixels (int, int).
rgn= only defines an ROI without cropping the image. When wid= and/or hei= larger than size are applied as well, additional data from the composite image may be visible in the final reply image.

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View attribute. Applies regardless of the current layer setting.

Any areas of the ROI extending outside the composite image are padded with bgc=.

rgn= is applied before final scaling and fitting with scl=, wid=, hei=, fit=, rect=, or align=.

Default section-6a3df8f670084def900ffef9dab7e94a

Entire composite image ( rgn=0,0,width,height).

See also section-07883760f25c4d17aedbee36b7883891

crop= , extend=, wid=, hei=, scl=, align=, fit=, rect=