align align

Texture render alignment. Specifies which of the origin points defined by the selected vignette object is to be used.


Default (center-match) origin.
Continuous match origin.
Random alignment.
User-defined origin.

The renderer applies the texture to the object so that the texture anchor point ( anchor=) coincides with the specified origin point.

Each object can define up to six origin points (0, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6). If an align value is specified but the corresponding origin point is not defined by the vignette object, the default (center-match) origin point is used.

align=2 Specifies random texture alignment, in which case anchor= is effectively ignored.

Mostly used for upholstery materials, possibly for apparel fabrics, to manage the alignment of the texture between adjacent objects.

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Material attribute. Ignored if a wall, cabinet, appliance, or window coverings frame object is selected, or if the material is not a repeatable texture.

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catalog::Alignment, if the material is based on a catalog entry, otherwise 0 (center-matched).

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catalog::Alignment , anchor=